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Hythe Bay Nursery Curriculum and Termly / Weekly Planning


Autumn Term

Term 1: All about me, my family, my nursery and my community

Week 1: Getting to know me

Week 2: Our ‘all about me’ books

Week 3: Family photos

Week 4: Hythe Bay Nursery / Harvest Festival 02/10/22

Weeks 5-7: Hythe, Kent


Term 2: Fireworks, space, darkness and light, Autumn and festivities including Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Advent / Christmas

Weeks 1-2: Darkness and light, space and fireworks

Weeks 3-4: Autumn – weather, plants and animals

Weeks 5-8: Festivities including Christmas


Spring Term

Term 3: Festivities with our families, physical and mental well-being and Winter

Weeks 1-2: Festivals with our families

Weeks 3: Well-being week from 16/01/23 – physical and mental health and well-being (mindfulness, labelling and managing feelings, behaviour and resilience, dental health, diet, exercise, water, global goals).

Weeks 4-5: Winter (weather, plants, animals)

Week 6: Labelling and managing feelings / Valentine’s Day 14/02/23

Term 4: Water and ice, spring, new life, life cycles, habitats and homes

Weeks 1-2: Water and ice and other science experiments

Weeks 3-4: New life, life cycles, habitats and homes

Weeks 5-6: Spring (weather, plants, animals)

Summer Term

Term 5: People in our community

Weeks 1-6: People in our community / occupations - health professionals, police, fire and rescue services, teachers, shop, post office/box, care home, church, royal family - depending on when guest speakers and walks are convenient

Term 6: Summer, growing, independence, transitions, school readiness

Weeks 1-2: Summer (weather, plants, animals)

Weeks 3-4: Growing (plants, animals, people)

Weeks 5-7: Independence, transitions, school readiness

About our curriculum

We use the development and learning milestone statements in Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters to guide our assessments, observation and planning. We get to know each child to find out what they already know and are interested in before planning their individual next steps.

These topics have been chosen, as they are themes that nursery children will likely be experiencing naturally or in their home/local environment. These topics are used for inspiration for planning the nursery environment, books, songs and activities in an age-appropriate way in each nursery room. We will expand the children’s exploration of these themes, and support children to develop a deeper understanding through carefully planned activities and interactions, as children learn through play.

We also listen to and follow the children’s interests. We may alter or disregard our term’s topics to explore a different topic, which the children would find more engaging, to base the children’s activities for development and learning, because children learn when they are interested.

Children have opportunities for child led play throughout each day in addition to the adult led activities. Adults use their professional skills to scaffold children’s learning during child led play through interactions, sustained shared thinking, extensions and challenges without interrupting their play.

Here are some activity inspiration mood boards for our topics used by our staff team members:

term 1 weeks 1 and 2.png
term 1 week 3.png
term 1 week 4.png
term 1 weeks 5-7.png
term 1 harvest festival.png
term 2 week 1.png
term 2 week 1 - 2.png
term 2 week 2.png
term 2 week 3 - 4.png
term 2 weeks 5 - 8.png
Father Christmas 2021.jpg
term 3 weeks 1 - 2.png
term 3 week 3 - or whenever blue monday week is.png
term 3 weeks 4-5.png
term 3 week 6.png
term 4 weeks 1-2 with dinosaurs.png
term 4 week 3 or 4 life cycles.png
term 4 week 3 or 4 habitats and homes.png
term 4 weeks 5 to 6.png
term 4 easter.png
term 5.png
term 6 weeks 1 and 2.png
term 6 weeks 3 and 4.png
term 6 weeks 5 and 6.png
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