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School Readiness

Early Literacy


At nursery, we help children to develop their motor movements - big and small - which helps them to later be able to use a pencil to write.


We teach children to explore phase one of Letters and Sounds Phonics:

  • Discriminating environmental, instrumental and body percussion sounds

  • Rhythm and Rhyme

  • Alliteration

  • Voice sounds

  • Oral segmenting and blending 

We also listen to stories and songs, and talk about them. 

We encourage children to recognise their name, and to write it cursively once they are able to hold and control a pencil using a tripod grip


Early Mathematics


Children will play with numbers, shapes, spaces and measurements in a variety of ways at nursery, and this helps them to understand concepts like more and fewer, and heavy and light. 

We use songs, stories, games and conversations to model mathematical language and counting. Children learn to use and understand this language. 


School Readiness


Your child’s Key Person will work with you and school teachers to help your child’s transition into school.

Your child’s teacher would be very happy if when they start school they can get dressed, go to the toilet and eat their meals independently.

They’d also like if they can hold a pencil with a tripod grip, share toys, join in with group activities, take risks, concentrate and listen.

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