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Parents at Hythe Bay Children's Centre Nursery

Partnerships with Parents

We work together with parents from the moment they join our nursery. We encourage home visits when starting a new room to help build the partnership, giving parents time to discuss their child's likes and dislikes, routine, development and any concerns they might have. Parents have the opportunity to speak with staff when they drop off and pick up their child each time they are at nursery. We also offer parents meetings at least three times a year, with the possibility of having additional meetings as and when needed. The parents' boards display useful information for parents to see. Newsletters are also available at the nursery and on the News & Events page of the nursery website. Parents can also see updates and communicate using the facebook group. We have an open-door policy for communication with parents. There is also a parents' suggestions box at the nursery entrances and we listen to feedback from parents when we hand out our annual parents' evaluation form too. 


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ParentZone and iConnect

We use Connect Childcare software - iConnect - to securely record observations, assessments and planning for each child. Parents are able to access this via ParentZone. Staff will send an email to the parents' email addresses for them to register. Once they have registered with ParentZone, they can access their child's online learning journal and add photos and observations themselves. They can also communicate with their key person or other staff members on ParentZone.

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