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Global Goal 4: Quality Education

Hythe Bay Nursery provides children with Quality Education led by highly qualified staff members.
All children at our nursery make fantastic progress with their development and learning. At Hythe Bay Nursery, children are frequently displaying characteristics of effective learning, and are always well-prepared for their next stage in their education.
Our team of nursery staff are led by our Nursery Manager, who has a degree in Early Childhood Studies and Early Years Teacher Status, and our Deputy Manager and Nursery Teacher who have Qualified Teacher Status. Save The Children believe Early Years Teachers play a crucial part in Quality Childcare (click here to read the article). All of our Key Persons are qualified to level 3 or higher. Continuous Professional Development is encouraged for all nursery staff members, with staff regularly participating in conferences, attending training courses, and studying at University alongside their work. At each termly staff meeting, staff members cascade their new knowledge and skills to the entire nursery team, to ensure high-quality, up-to-date practice and provision across the nursery. 
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